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Serving Aransas County

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Serving Aransas County

Our Services

Rockport-Fulton Good Samaritans, Inc. provides a variety of services to residents of Aransas County at our Service Center at 507 S. Ann Street in Rockport, Texas.  To receive services, you should come to the center with a government-issued photo identification card and social security cards for each member of the family.  You will meet with an interviewer who will determine the type and amount of assistance to be provided. The decision will be made in accordance with guidelines established by our Board of Directors.

Most assistance is in the form of vouchers.  We do not provide any direct payments to clients.  Assistance is intended to address emergency needs.


A stocked food pantry is maintained at our Service Center and food is distributed in volumes determined by household size.  Our goal is to provide for at least 5 days of meals.


We work primarily with the Castaways Thrift Shop for clothing.  A government-issued picture ID is required for this service.


Assistance with utility bills, excluding deposits and telephone service is provided.  Referrals to other agencies will be made if eligible.  If you are seeking such assistance, bring your current utility bill(s) with you.


To receive assistance for medications, you need to take your prescription(s) to the HEB pharmacy in Rockport to get a written quote of the cost.  Bring the quote with you when you come to the Service Center.  Assistance for opiates or related pain medication is not available.  Good Samaritans assists with generic prescriptions.  If name-brand drugs are required or the cost of the medication exceeds our limit, referral can be made to other agencies.


If you are seeking help with medical appointments, bring in all pertinent information, including time and date of appointment, name of doctor, and the address/phone number of the doctor. 


Rental assistance is available through an application process.  If you are seeking help with rent, you will need to pick up an application from at our Service Center.  The application must be filled out  by you and your landlord before assistance can be provided.  An appointment is required for you to bring in the completed application.  A current ID is required.


We may be able to assist with other household and family needs, including dental services, eyeglasses, basic household goods, and transportation.  Hygiene kids are available.  Pet food may be available depending on what we have received in donations.

Limits for each service are outlined in our procedural policies.  Decisions will be made by the interviewer based on those guidelines.

Other Agencies

When needed, we work with other agencies and organizations in the area.   By combining resources, we are better able to address the needs of our clients


Aransas County Assistance Programs

Community Action in Sinton.
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